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kl. 14:15-16:00

, Norway Talk and discussion: "From Violent Imaginaries to Base Encounters"
Seminar with lecture and discussion on the topic: "From Violent Imaginaries to Base Encounters: Gender-Based Violence and the Anti-US Base Struggle in South Korea and the Philippines".

, International Webinar: Understanding male farmers and mental health
Dr. Philippe Roy, Visiting Professor, School of Social Work, University of Montreal, will share the findings and recommendations of his CIHR Award winning study describing the influences of masculinities on mental health practices among farming men.

Bergen, Norway Medical Imaginaries: Postcoloniality and Gender in the Medical Humanities
The doctoral course "Medical Imaginaries: Postcoloniality and Gender in the Medical Humanities" offers an interdisciplinary investigation of the centrality of gender, sexuality, race, colonial ideologies, social justice, global inequality and class to the medical humanities.
kl. 13:15-16:00

Oslo, Norway Social Justice
Nancy Fraser in discussion with researchers from Core: Centre for Research on Gender Equality.
kl. 14:15-16:00

Oslo, Norway Family Politics
Open lecture with Nancy Fraser.
kl. 08:30-16:30

Oslo, Norway Five Years After the Arab Spring: Political and Ideological Trends

Research projects
The New Middle East

Five Years After the Arab Spring: Political and Ideological Trends

The conference marks the end of the New Middle East project (NEWME) that started in 2012. NEWME has studied political and ideological trends in the Middle East at a time when old patriarchal and autocratic structures in the region have crumbled. Two main topics will be addressed at the conference by panels composed of NEWME researchers and leading international Middle East experts. The first topic addresses the current status of democracy and political Islam in the Middle East. The second addresses political implications of the challenges to patriarchal structures (gender and age hierarchies) in the region.
12.06.2016 - 14.06.2016

Bodø, Norway Diana International Research Conference 2016
The Diana Research Project has led the research agenda in women’s entrepreneurship across continents, cultures and contexts.
kl. 10:00-16:30

Brussels, Norway A European Strategy for Gender Equality: Combating Discrimination in the Workplace and Beyond
Gender equality is a fundamental right recognised by the Treaty of Rome in 1957 as well as by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The promotion of gender equality is therefore not only essential from a human rights perspective, but also makes sense from an economic viewpoint. It means equal access to resources, as well as empowerment and visibility of both women and men in all spheres of public and private life.
29.08.2016 - 30.08.2016
kl. 11:00

Oslo, Norway Aasta Hansteen Lecture: "Em-bodying Nuns: Queer Embodiment and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence"
This lecture will consider the impact of em-bodying the figure of the nun – giving the nun a body, and a queer and sexualized body at that – on the communities within which the Sisters work, on the Sisters themselves, and in the broader imaginary as it relates to who and what nuns are, what they do, and the sacredness or sacrilege of queer embodiment.
01.09.2016 - 02.09.2016

Bergen, Norway Disability, Arts and Health Conference
The Disability, Arts and Health conference aims to reflect critically on how disability is represented and theorised in contemporary society, both in an academic context and outside the academy, including byclinical practitioners, community activists, mainstream media and creative arts practitioners. We welcome abstracts from scholars, artists, community activists and practitioners from a diverse range of disciplines.
12.09.2016 - 16.09.2016

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Professional Certificate in Strategic Gender Equity Planning
Gender issues have become increasingly integrated into development and sectoral policy planning, proven to be a crucial component of building an innovative society and a successful economy, as well as securing international financial support. Despite there being increased awareness of the economic, social and political damage caused by gender discrimination, the UN has noted that the ‘gains have been too slow and too uneven.’ This course examines and analyses a broad range of issues, such as the relationship between gender and development, education and health.
05.10.2016 - 06.10.2016

Madrid, Spain Engendering Habitat III
The International Conference ‘Engendering Habitat III’ engages with contemporary challenges to the urban environment, with specific reference to their gender dimensions and the promotion of gender equality.
30.07.2017 - 04.08.2017

Brazil, International The 13th Women’s Worlds conference
The 13th Women’s Worlds (WW) conference — an international and interdisciplinary gathering of and about women — will take place from July 30 to August 04, 2017 in Florianópolis, Brazil, in Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), with another international conference on gender, women, and sexuality: Fazendo Gênero 11 (Making Gender).

Why should you participate? Because this will be a unique opportunity of bringing together experiences, researches, and voices around the world about women and gender issues. This will be the first time the WW conference will be hosted in South America.

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