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kl. 11:00-17:00

Bergen, Norway Gender and the Medical Humanities
This one-day event, organised by the Centre for Women’s and Gender Research, is an exploratory meeting to discuss potential connections between scholars and practitioners working within and across medicine and the humanities
kl. 12:15-16:00

Oslo, Norway Gender equality and quality of Life (GEQ) - a study of Norway and Poland
This open seminar presents the preliminary results of the research project “Gender equality and quality of life – a study of Norway and Poland” carried out by researchers from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and the University of Oslo. It addresses gender equality on multiple levels; in intimate and family relations, at the community and local level as well as in the public sphere, in politics, civil society and in media debates.
kl. 16:00-19:00

Oslo, Norway Gender, Culture and Human Rights - Reclaiming Universalism
In recent years, feminist theory has increasingly defined itself in opposition to universalism and to discourses of human rights. Rejecting the troubled legacies of Enlightenment thinking, feminists have questioned the very premises upon which the international human rights movement is based.
15.10.2015 - 16.10.2015

Bern, Switzerland Towards guaranteeing equal access of women to justice
The Swiss Federal Office for Gender Equality and the Council of Europe Gender Equality Commission are organising this event in 2015.
kl. 14:00

Bergen, Norway Robert Beachy: "The German Invention of Homosexuality"
Robert Beachy presents the broad argument from his book Gay Berlin: that German medical practitioners and legal reform activists developed the first “essentialist” same-sex identity, which was embraced in Berlin by a recognizable community of sexual minorities who were able to define themselves through a network of bars, organizations, journals, and other publications.
27.10.2015 - 28.10.2015

Uppsala, Sweden Workshop - Abortion in the Nordic Countries
The purpose of this workshop is to bring together historians from different fields to discuss current research on national and transnational aspects of the history of abortion in the Nordic countries during the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries and its global implications. It will comprise of an invited talk, paper presentations and a concluding general discussion.
28.10.2015 - 30.10.2015

Tromsø, Norway The Work of Gender in the Lives of Children and Young People - an International Symposium
The overarching aim of the symposium is to create a meeting place for the development of gender sensitive analytical strategies that have the capacity to move beyond the mere “measurement” of gender differences. The participants will get a chance to address and discuss gendered meanings as evoked during age transitions and as negotiated and challenged across social contexts.

Oslo, Norway Mature Care: Theory and Practice
Over the last 10 years, mature care has been discussed within both feminist ethics and health sciences, and we now plan to bring together some of the contributors.
kl. 09:00-18:30

Berlin, Germany Ready for Dialogue: Conference on the Gender Dimension in Science and Research
How can we target and eliminate existing blind spots concerning the importance of sex and gender in science and research?
06.11.2015 - 07.11.2015

Berlin, Germany Gender Summit 7 Europe 2015
Day 1 From the margins of science into the mainstream of research and innovation
Day 2 Realising the full scope of policy impact: no more excuses
03.12.2015 - 04.12.2015

Amsterdam, Netherlands 80 years collection IAV conference
​The conference will focus on the social, cultural and political importance of women´s archives and institutions for the enhancement of gender equality in the 21st century.
16.05.2016 - 19.05.2016

Copenhagen, Denmark Women Deliver: 4th Global Conference
Women Deliver conferences are world-renowned convenings focused on the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women. The Women Deliver 2016 conference will be the largest gathering on girls’ and women’s health and rights in the last decade and one of the first major global conferences following the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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