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25.02.2014 - 25.02.2016

Budapest, Hungary Call for Teaching Portfolios for Visiting Lecturer Positions in the Near Future
The Department of Gender Studies at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary invites teaching portfolios from gender studies scholars in any area of social science and humanities who wish to be considered for several teaching openings we anticipate in the coming years in our MA and PhD programs. These positions are likely to be on a one-course basis but might also cover multiple courses if portfolios and teaching needs coincide well. Courses in Gender Studies at CEU cover a broad array of topics from various disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.
19.04.2014 - 20.04.2014

The Women’s Library and Information Centre Foundation (WLICF) and Yeditepe University invites submission of abstracts of papers to be presented at its international symposium “Writing Women's Lives: Auto/Biography, Life Narratives, Myths and Historiography” which will be held in Istanbul (Yeditepe University), Turkey, April 19–20, 2014.
22.04.2014 - 24.04.2014

Tampere, FinlandNordic Family, Violence and Modernity
02.05.2014 - 04.05.2014

Lisbon, Portugal 12th Global Conference Violence: Probing the Boundaries
This conference is one of a continuing series that aims to bring together people from a wide range of disciplines to focus on Violence.
Link http://www.inter-disciplinary.net/probing-the-boundaries/hostility-and-violence/violence/call-for-papers/

Vilnius, Lithuania Seconded National Expert (SNE) – Gender-Based Violence.
Violence against women is one of the critical areas of concern of the Beijing Platform for Action and gender-based violence (GBV) is one of the main areas addressed by the European Commission Strategy for equality between women and men (2010-2015).
Link http://eige.europa.eu/content/career-opportunity/eige-2014-sne-gbv
06.05.2014 - 08.05.2014

Lisbon, Portugal 1st Global Conference: Sexuality and Disability
This conference seeks to challenge popular conceptions and perceptions of sexuality and disability. In addition to academic papers, we are particularly interested in opening up a space for the discussion of personal experiences of disability and sexuality and the role of sex workers, community programs and the work of sex educators. Inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary perspectives are sought on sexuality and disability, including cross-cultural and transcultural perspectives. Non-traditional presentations are encouraged including workshops, performances and round table discussions.
Link http://www.inter-disciplinary.net/critical-issues/gender-and-sexuality/sexuality-and-disability/call-for-presentations/
06.05.2014 - 08.05.2014

Karlstad, SwedenInterGender Ph.D.-course: Revisiting "doing gender" - Language and gender in interaction
This course centers on exploring key aspects of the relationships between language, gender, and social interaction. Current and earlier debates in the area of language, gender and interaction are revisited with a focus both on the commonalities and differences between different approaches.
Link http://www.intergender.net/?q=node/153

Bergen, NorwayThe Conference Nordic Gender & Media Forum
A full day in Bergen with creative dialogues and sharing of good gender practice from the Nordic countries. Themes and think tanks about leadership, storytelling, research and activism in film, journalism, advertising and computer games.
Link http://www.nordicgenderandmediaforum.se/events/the-conference/

Tallinn, Estonia Conference on sexual assault
Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs and Nordic Council of Ministers invites you to a conference devoted to the sexual assault.
kl. 10:00-16:30

Brussels, Belgium Women’s Health and Well-being in Europe: Protecting Rights, Preventing Inequalities
This timely International Symposium continues the debate on how to work towards an EU-wide policy framework on gender equality and non-discriminatory access to healthcare. It provides a key platform for the discussion of a better European regulatory framework aimed at strengthening prevention, protection and inclusion of women.
Link https://www.publicpolicyexchange.co.uk/book.php?event=EE13-PPE2

Oslo, NorwayParadoxes of the Arab Spring and the Gender Paradoxes it poses for Feminists and Students of Gender
Presentations: Anne Hege Grung on muslim and christian feminism in the Middle East; Jorunn Økland on how to 'translate' notions of feminism and equality across languages and religions; Hannah Helseth, on the contested relation between Islam and feminism and Margreet van Ees, on self-organisation and self-presentation of "Muslim" women in Norway and the Netherlands.
Link http://www.stk.uio.no/forskning/aktuelt/arrangementer/seminarer/2014/arab-spring.html
27.05.2014 - 28.05.2014

Torshavn, The Faroe IslandsWho does what? Gender segregation in the labour market and division of labour in the home
How does gender segregation of the labour market and division of labour in the home effect gender equality? Why are there so few men in the fields of care and education? Why do men not take longer paternity leave? These are among the questions discussed in The Nordic House in Torshavn on May 27th.
Link http://jafnretti.is/jafnretti/default.aspx

Stockholm, SwedenNordregio is now inviting applications for two (2) Senior Research Fellow positions
Nordregio is currently seeking to expand its team of senior level research staff working with regional and territorial development at different scales. The scope of the roles and responsibilities of the individuals hired will depend on the qualifications of individual applicants.
Link https://norden.emply.net/recruitment/VacancyAd.aspx?vacancyId=28
04.06.2014 - 06.06.2014

Reykjavik, IcelandNordic Conference on Men and Masculintiies; Emerging ideas in masculinity research Masculinity studies in the North
The next Nordic conference on research on men and masculinities will be held 4th.-6th. June 2014, at the University of Iceland, Reykjavík.
Link http://nfmm2014.yourhost.is/
12.06.2014 - 15.06.2014

Malmö, SwedenNordiskt Forum New Action on Women´s Rights | Malmö 2014
Den 12-15 juni 2014 kommer 15 000 personer samlas i Malmö för att sätta agendan för framtidens jämställdhetspolitik och göra kvinnors rättigheter till verklighet.
Link http://nf2014.org/
12.06.2014 - 15.06.2014

Helsinki, FinlandThe 6th World Conference on Women and Sport
Theme of the conference: Lead the Change – Be the Change
Link http://www.iwg-gti.org/#Home
12.06.2014 - 15.06.2014

Malmö, SwedenNordiskt Forum New Action on Women´s Rights | Malmö 2014
Den 12-15 juni 2014 kommer 15 000 personer samlas i Malmö för att sätta agendan för framtidens jämställdhetspolitik och göra kvinnors rättigheter till verklighet.
Link http://nf2014.org/
20.06.2014 - 21.06.2014

Braga, Portugal International Conference “Gender in focus: (new) trends in media”
Over the last decades, a considerable amount of research has been conducted on the relationship of gender with communication. However, new insights are still needed, especially those that explore the interrelations and negotiations between media and gender through the use of interdisciplinary and intersectional approaches.
Link  http://www.lasics.uminho.pt/genderfocus2014/
26.06.2014 - 27.06.2014

Paris, FranceTackling the gaps in research and the lack of data disaggregated by sex concerning women’s equal access to justice
Council of Europe Office
Link http://www.coe.int/t/dghl/standardsetting/equality/08events/index_en.asp
30.06.2014 - 01.07.2014

Brussels, Belgium Gender Summit 4 - EU 2014 - "From Ideas to Markets: Excellence in mainstreaming gender into research, innovation, and policy"
The GS4 - Europe will, again, bring together experts from research, industry and policy to jointly establish practical and effective ways of improving quality and impact of research and innovation through the inclusion of gender in science knowledge making and application. The GS4 - Europe will focus on strategies, tools, and processes that promote the concrete integration of the gender dimension into the European Commission’s current Horizon 2020, and European Research Area programmes.
Link http://www.gender-summit.com/
30.06.2014 - 01.07.2014

Brussels, Belgium Gender Summit 4: From Ideas to Markets: Excellence in mainstreaming gender into research, innovation, and policy
2014 will see the return of the Gender Summit to Brussels for the Gender Summit 4 - Europe (GS4 - Europe).
Link http://www.gender-summit.com/
03.09.2014 - 05.09.2014

Vienna, Austria8th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education
Building Futures - Equality Challenges in Higher Education: Encouraging Theory and Practise Dialogues
Link http://gender2014.conf.tuwien.ac.at/invitation_letter/
11.09.2014 - 13.09.2014

Izmir, Turkey 1st International Conference on Men and Masculinities
Initiative for Critical Studies of Masculinities (ICSM) cordially invite to the first international conference on men and masculinities to take place in Turkey, in collaboration with Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities at Stony Brook University, Ankara University Women’s Studies Centre (KASAUM) and Izmir University Women’s Studies Centre (KCAUM).
Link http://icsmsymposium.org/
11.09.2014 - 12.09.2014

Lund, SwedenQueer Migrations and Mobilities: Sexuality, Gender, Citizenship, and Intimacy from a European Perspective
Confirmed key participants

Dr. Jon Binnie, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Prof. Dr. Kira Kosnick, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany

Dr. Tracy Simmons, University of Leicester, UK

Dr. Francesca Stella, University of Glasgow, UK

09.10.2014 - 10.10.2014

Helsinki, FinlandCombating Gender Stereotypes in and through Education”
Education is a basic human right recognised by international law, notably by the European Convention on Human Rights. Through compulsory education, children and young people, whatever their gender, are prepared and empowered to fully participate in society. The education system sets the basis upon which countries preserve their heritage and contribute to their overall development and prosperity.
Link http://www.coe.int/t/dghl/standardsetting/equality/05conferences/2014NFPHelsinki/default_en.asp
23.10.2014 - 24.10.2014

Helsinki, FinlandIn/Equalities in Diverse Societies. Identifying problems, remedies, alternatives
11th International Etmu Days conference
Link http://etmudays.etmu.fi/
12.11.2014 - 13.11.2014

Reykjavik, IcelandPart-Time Work in the Nordic Region
NIKK will present the results from the project Part-Time Work in the Nordic Region a conference in Reykjavik, 12 November 2014, during the Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The following day is a Nordic conference on equal pay organized in the same place.
Link http://www.nikk.no/en/key-topics/labour-market/part-time-work-in-the-nordic-region/
21.11.2014 - 22.11.2014

Helsinki, FinlandGender Studies Conference 2014
Money, Sex and Power
Link https://wiki.aalto.fi/display/SPTP2014/SUNS+Gender+Studies+Conference+2014
26.11.2014 - 28.11.2014

Roskilde, DenmarkGender and Diversity—Travelling Concepts across Time and Space
Any field of research has key analytical concepts, including gender studies. In this course
some of the key analytical concepts are identified, their history is illustrated and their
applicability discussed. Concepts often become fashionable – and salient - and turn into
fast travelling concepts. However, analytical notions are also situated in space which has
been shown for the concept of ‘class’ and recently ‘intersectionality’.
Link http://kursus.ruc.dk/class/view/5897