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DR Sondra Cuban,Lancaster University, discusses the study ‘Home/Work: the Roles of Education, Literacy, and Learning in the Networks and Mobility of Migrant Care Workers’
Date: 13.12.2010 - 17.12.2010  Time:
Location: Södertörn and Stockholm University, Sweden
Focus on understanding the roles of education, literacy, and learning in the women's integration into, and transformation of, the care sector, and their communities, with special attention to gender issues.
Monday, December 13 (Södertörn University)
14.00–16.00 pm
Sondra will visit Södertörn University and over a cup of coffee she will meet researchers who are interested in discussing research issues related to her areas of interest.
Please contact:

Tuesday, December 14 (Stockholm University)
13.30–15.00 pm, room: D 521
Discomforting Reflexivity - Representation and Interpretations in Writing our Research.
This presentation will focus on the ‘the complexities and legitimacies of the speaking positions of the researcher/author’ (Neal & Walters 2007) in portraying a research study. Sondra shares the steps she went through and the problems she encountered in writing up her research with reflexivity in mind. She discusses interpretations of reflexivity and the difficult conversations that researchers engage in with the interplay of policy, practice and theory with research. Sondra discusses the discomforting narratives that arose in her research which will also present opportunities for feedback and interaction from the seminar audience.
Open seminar. (Questions:

Wednesday, December 15 (Stockholm University)
13.30–15.30 pm, room: D 389
An Opening to Greater Opportunities: Workplace literacies and language discourses, policies, and practices.
The presentation will focus on issues of ESOL student populations, and the conflictive ways ESOL policies and practices in England affect them. The presentation will share findings of a sub-study of ESOL workplace curriculum and pedagogy and issues of gender, learning, and migration, from an article:Cuban, S. (2009) ‘‘Talking Was A Great Experience’’: Destabilising Gendered Communication In The Workplace in International Review Of Education 22, 579–596.
Open Writing Research/L2 seminar (Contact if you’re interested in the article.)

Thursday, December 16 (Södertörn University)
13.00–14.45, room: ME 439
Triangulation for Seeing Confining Care Spaces and Interactions.
This presentation will focus on the use of diverse methods and approaches for a spatial analysis of the dynamics of the world of care (of migrant workers and the elderly) and how it yielded new insights. Selected literature in research in the field of care, migration, and rurality will be presented. New concepts that arose from the research will also be discussed; ‘care methodologies’ were a way ‘in’ to understanding better the interactions in this world. The use of mobile methods was also integral to this spatial analysis and enabled different places/spaces to be revealed. The presentation will engage the audience to consider the types of spaces they encounter in their research and methods that expand its dimensions.
PhD methodology workshop. Priority is given to PhD-students at Södertörn University, Stockholm University and Örebro University. Contact:

Thursday, December 16 (Södertörn University)
15.15–17.00, room: ME 556
Deskilling of Migrant Nurses in Welfare Regimes
This presentation summarises findings from a paper written for the International Organisation of Migration and which focuses on migrant nurses and the ways they are driven to migrate for career advancement and a better livelihoods, only to encountering dead ends in their efforts towards becoming nurses again in a new country. Their strategies for coping with this dilemma and their downward career trajectories will be discussed. Institutional obstacles include immigration visas, employment obligations and conditions, and no straightforward professional
pathways to adapt qualifications. The presentation addresses the concepts of deskilling, educational capital, and brain waste, and EU and international policy implications for professional migratory flows. The presentation will engage the audience to consider similar or different issues surrounding education adaptation and professions for skilled migrant communities in Sweden.
Open language research seminar. (Questions:
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