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Journal Autrepart – Call for paper – Book reviews
We welcome proposals from various disciplines in the social sciences. They can analyse laws, programmes, statistical local or regional studies as well as those of one or more countries, case studies or multifaceted (policies and practices, for example) analyses in varied geographical spheres (Africa,Latin America, Middle East, Asia, Australasia).
We remind you that this journal emphasizes the developing world. An article underlining comparisons between developed nation and those of the South could be acceptable; one dealing solely with developed nations would not unless it dealt with migrants from the South. European nations cannot be considered as underdeveloped. Proposals (not exceeding 1,000 signs including title) should be addressed to the journal before May 31, 2017. Authors will be informed in the course of June about the acceptation or the refusal of their proposal. The articles selected have to be submitted by September 30, 2017.
Book reviews on the topic of this issue must be sent to the journal Autrepart before 30 November 2017. Articles should be written in French or English. The title, abstract and keywords must be provided in both languages. The Drafting Committee accepts manuscripts written in Spanish and Portuguese, providing the author, upon selection of his or her manuscript for publication, assumes the costs related to the translation. The manuscripts will be submitted to two anonymous referees for approval. The Drafting Committee will send correction proposals to the author.
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30.05.2017 - 30.11.2017
Call for papers
Paris, France